About Us

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Jared J. Greer founded Greer Method as the first-of-its-kind comprehensive coaching solution for working parents.


Greer Method helps working parents erase overwhelm, get unstuck and escape the rollercoaster of everyday life. Through one on one and group coaching, led by a team of expert coaches, our clients are equipped with the mindset, tools, and motivation to create sustainable results and long-term change.


Our methodology is based on years of experience in adult education, management consulting, and endurance racing and is fundamental to optimal performance. With it, we help organizations, teams, executives, and individuals achieve greater outcomes that build businesses, propel careers forward, boost confidence, save marriages, deepen relationships, reclaim and revitalize health, and live life on their terms.

Jared resides in Wake Forest, North Carolina with his wife Melanie and their four children. Jared is a 6X Ironman, Ultra-marathoner and social media activist.